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Greed: What motivates you?

Who doesn’t want to make as much money as they can, drive the nicest cars, live in the biggest homes, or take luxury vacations? I believe that most people would take all of it, me included. Is that greedy? Sure it is.

Every person has something that motivates them, something that drives them to succeed. Without it, people would become complacent and the economy, and people in general, would become stagnant. Wanting more, whether that be a better car or just a nicer job constitutes greed, but greed is not ALWAYS a bad concept.

I believe there are two types of greed: motivational and detrimental. The difference between these two types of greed are the measures taken to reach what you desire. What you desire can be to give your family a swimming pool for example, but if the route taken causes you to take important time away from your family, or putting your health in danger by working long hours, the greed is detrimental.

Motivational greed stems from controlled and planned action. Being able to go after a goal passionately is very important. But just as importantly as passion is being able to go after a goal without hurting yourself, your family, friends, or other people around you. If you want to succeed in a job, it is important to work hard. However, if you work 24 hours a day and never spend any time with your family, you are hurting them as much as you are helping them. The money that you will make from that successful job will never be able to make up for all of the time lost with your family.

So, the main point of this whole article is, no matter what motivates you, if you lose focus on everything but the end result, you could be inadvertently hurting people you care about. Keeping a good schedule and making sure to add in time for your family and relaxing time for yourself is very important, but that is for another post.


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