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Part of my reasoning for starting this blog was so I would have people (you) to hold me accountable. Well, I want that accountability to begin now!!

I am the best man in my friend’s wedding on June 7th. Sometime before May 24th, I have to be fitted for my tux. Problem is, I do not want to wear a tux weighing 210 pounds. So here lies my goal. By May 20th, my goal is to be under 180 pounds. Along with the weight, I want to be more physically fit than I am now. I would like to have the kind of shape I had when I was in game condition for baseball.

So here is my plan:

  1. Tell you about it so you can keep me on the track
  2. Write down EVERYTHING I eat in order to keep track of my amounts.
  3. Begin upping my physical activity every week. Currently, I am unable to lift weights because I am still rehabbing from my second shoulder surgery. I plan on using the running program located on the Runner’s World website.
  4. Stretch for 10 minutes when I get up in the morning and 10 minutes before I begin settling down for bed. I believe stretching is a great way to keep my blood circulating well, keep my joints and muscles flexible, and a way to relieve a lot of daily stress from my body.
  5. Finally, I am going to be making weekly posts updating you with how my plan is working out, my current weight, and if I tweak my plan at all.

So, I have 57 days to lose 30 pounds. Who wants to place bets against me?

This is a picture of my family. My weight in this picture is 210 lbs. I will try to post pictures weekly to show my progress.


March 24, 2008 - Posted by | fitness

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