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Why blog?

There are many factors that led me to start blogging. People blog for all kinds of different reasons: for fun, to relax, to vent, or because others now expect them to. Since I began my self-development adventure, I have read many people’s blogs and have learned much from a few of them. Below are the top reasons I decided to start a blog.

1. To stay motivated: In order to maintain a blog, I have to constantly be thinking about things to write about. The content of which I plan to write will help me reach my goals by focusing on practicing what I am trying to preach. The longer I write, the longer I will keep on the path to becoming a better person.

2. To be held accountable: If I am writing to an audience, I will have to not only continue writing, but also strive to reach my goals. If other people know what I want to do, there is added pressure for me to reach those goals. If I fail, it is not just me who knows about it!

3. To try something new: Never before in my life have I been one to just write for “nothing.” Starting this blog allows me to continue to polish my writing skills, and also forces me to continually brainstorm new ideas to write about. This will keep me sharp and able to come up with more ideas in my everyday life.

4. To motivate others: After I graduate, I plan on either coaching college baseball or opening my own baseball academy. Either way, my job will be to motivate other athletes to work hard and achieving their goals. Through this blog and my site, hopefully I will be able to help motivate others to reach their goals, whether it be weight loss, starting new habits, or getting rid of old habits. If I am able to help you stay on the right path, my ultimate goal for this blog will have been met.

5. As a way to learn: Writing this blog on a daily basis will force me to learn, or in some cases, relearn self-improvement skills. When I was an athlete, I continuously researched how to properly train myself to become a better athlete. Over the last year, however, much of what I have learned has slipped my mind because I failed to write it down and take notes. This blog will allow me to take notes on subjects, and then publish my ideas for all of you to read. Hopefully this will benefit everybody!

6. Getting out of my comfort zone: Finally, writing this blog forces me to get out of my comfort zone. I am the type of person that has a lot of good ideas, but I fail to express my ideas because the thought of looking stupid scares me. With this blog, I will put all of my ideas out there for you to read, take in, and critique.

As you can see, I have a few reasons to continue to write this blog. I hope you will become an active member in my community. Being active helps both you and me improve. It allows you to really understand what I am saying and respond to posts, and it allows me to receive feedback, whether positive or negative, about how you are benefiting from my ideas.


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  1. Great article Tad! The one I particularly like is “6. Get out of my comfort zone”. Best of luck with the blogging.

    Comment by Peter | March 24, 2008

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